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Who is Chelcie? 

Who is Chelcie?


Chelcie Jette is a dynamic singer-songwriter making waves with her retro-inspired Instagram covers and focus on female empowerment. Equal parts soulful jazz and modern pop - think the stylings of Nina Simone combined with the badassery of Christina Aguilera - Chelcie's nuanced sound redefines the norm of pop divas exclusively delivering power vocals. 


Chelcie's musical journey has been punctuated by her refusal to settle for the ordinary. Originally hailing from Erie, Pennsylvania, she challenged a kindergarten classmate's assertion that "only boys can play on the radio" by writing and performing her first song. At 10 she started voice lessons, inspired by Mariah Carey's iconic Christmas album and hours on YouTube watching diva compilations. Chelcie's admiration for powerful female figures in the music industry motivated her to pursue a career as a musical performer, with a determination to tell impactful stories through her songwriting.


After studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, Chelcie eventually made her way to Nashville, Tennessee, honing her craft and diving right into the live music scene. Her career, both as a cover artist and a self-established performer in her own right, has led her to iconic performances at some of Nashville's most legendary venues, including Exit/In and the Listening Room. Currently, Chelcie is back in the studio, polishing up her sound and getting ready to deliver exciting new material in summer 2022. In the meantime, be sure to check out Chelcie's latest music, available now on streaming services everywhere.

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